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La Porte residents report strong natural gas odor


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LA PORTE, Texas — The City of La Porte is investigating a strong natural gas odor in the area.

After investigating an area off Bay Area Blvd near a pipeline corridor located south of Fairmont Parkway, the La Porte Fire Department and OEM contacted several natural gas pipeline operators to assist in evaluating their pipelines. As of Wednesday night, officials said the odor can still be detected in certain locations.

A Harris County Pollution Control team will remain in the city overnight to continue air monitoring and coordinate with responders. OEM will continue to coordinate with Pollution Control, industry, first responders and pipeline operators until the source of the odor has been confirmed.

If you experience an odor at your location, please call the Harris County Pollution Control Complaint Line at (713) 920-2831. If you have a natural gas odor stuck in your home or vehicle, open the windows or doors to allow the odor to ventilate.

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